Corona Diaries: Tales From Isolation

In times such as this, we see the best and the worst out of people. I wanted to get something written down as this website and group of people have unleashed a creative outpouring from me that I didn’t even know was there. I wanted to thank some people and write down my own experiences, not to feed any egos but as a way of helping me through this situation we are all in. As I work in a supermarket here in the UK, I am being classed as a ‘Key’ or essential worker, meaning I have to go to work every day. This column is not going to be about my work life but around the ways this website and community have helped to aid my mental well being. I have a great support network with my family and friends (What’s App is a wonderful thing) but sometimes, especially when you have different interests than those groups you need to reach out to others.

It is crazy after a relatively short group of time this group has become such a support network for me and they have welcomed me in with such open arms. After the death of Kobe Bryant, for example, it was up to me (and a few other non-basketball fans) to try and lift spirits and when I was going through a tough time dealing with the death of Caroline Flack and the circumstances behind that the situations were reversed.

At the moment a lot of people are dealing with the cancellation of WrestleMania and are understandably devastated but they are constantly checking up on me and making sure I’m okay. I am playing a very, very small part in helping people but it is nothing compared to what our wonderful healthcare professionals are doing. We really are all in this together. This place really is a community and it’s at times like this you realize and appreciate the good things in life and how you should never take anything for granted.

In addition to the daily musings and group chats, I have been lucky enough to be invited onto my first North American podcasts. I have done a group watch on Laugh-In Theater where I watched a film I had ever seen, Freak Out Drive-In where we selected a film that is more comedy than a horror film, and The Jenny Position Live which was mostly about American food places that I didn’t know about. The reasons I did them wasn’t because of any great knowledge but because after a tough day at work I wanted to wind down and spend a bit of time talking to people and trying to make people smile in these tough times.

I’m not gonna make this like an Oscar speech but you guys know who you are. Thanks for making me laugh, engaging in serious debate, being a shoulder to cry on at times or just checking in on me asking how I am.

This might be as overindulgent as an NXT main event but I wanted to write something down whilst I had these thoughts going on. Thank you so much for reading and remember to stay safe, #dontbeadick, be tolerant and be kind.

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