Carolina Dreamin’ #6

Here is the 1986 must watch matches:

1. Ric Flair vs Ron Garvin 3/30/86 (The Omni) 

2. Tully Blanchard vs Ron Garvin 5/3/86 (Worldwide) 

3. Sheepherders vs The Fantastics Crockett Cup (WWE Network)

4. Ole & Arn Anderson vs Rock ‘N Roll Express (July WCW)

5. Ron Garvin vs Tully Blanchard 7/5/86 (WWE Network)

6. Ricky Morton vs Ric Flair 7/5/86 (WWE Network) 

7. Midnight Express vs Rock N’ Roll Express (August, Philadelphia House Show) 

8. Magnum TA vs Nikita Koloff (Match #6, 8/16/87 Worldwide)

9. Rock N’ Roll Express vs Ole & Arn Anderson (Starrcade)

10. Rock N’ Roll Express vs Ragin’ & Ravishing 12/6/87 (WCW) 

1987 kicks off with Chad discussing the greatest television match (non Clash) of all time on US soil and the overall greatness of Barry Windham. 

1986 YouTube playlist: 

1987 YouTube Playlist: