Bayless’ RAW Rundown 7-20-15


July 20, 2015

From the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO

Your hosts are Byron Saxton, JBL, and Michael Cole

Show starts with Undertaker heading out to the ring. They showed still photos of him costing Brock Lesnar the title at Battleground. He paused for a minute before finally saying he stands here tonight a “Relentless, remorseless, cold-blooded, vengeful, grim-reaper.” He also said that streaks are made to be broken but is sick of Lesnar reminding him “week after week” and “month after month.” Over 15 months. He then said that last night was his true resurrection as he tells Lesnar he “cannot kill what won’t die.” Undertaker said their careers will head towards new destinies and will conquer what has yet to be conquered and that Lesnar will rest in peace. Long segment but most of that was Taker walking to the ring. Taker got the point across, which was that he wants revenge after Lesnar broke the streak because he will not shut up about it, but why he attacked Lesnar last night was not addressed (although it was later on in the show). Also, the promo was terribly scripted. Some adjective-loving writer really let loose in this one. Not a very inspired idea for a rematch but I’ve seen worse.

Backstage, HHH and Stephanie are drooling at the prospects of a Lesnar vs. Undertaker rematch so much so that Stephanie cannot wait to alert the marketing department.

Clips of last week’s diva segment, with NXT call-ups Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks all standing tall. We then cut to Team BAD (Beautiful and Dangerous) standing ringside.

Charlotte w/ Paige & Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella w/ Nikki & Alicia

Before the match we are shown a clip of Charlotte hugging her dad, Ric Flair, backstage at Battleground. Team BAD is now on commentary. They want change. Match starts with Brie working a side headlock. She even uses the side headlock takeover as she has apparently been watching tapes of Tony Garea wrestle. Brie uses a pie-face on Charlotte then gets taken down. Brie ducks outside and Charlotte goes for a pescado but Brie was way too far away then sold the move anyway in the worst spot I have seen this year. Back from break, Brie has Charlotte in an armbar. Brie works a chinlock after hitting a basement dropkick as the crowd rallies behind Charlotte. Brie takes Charlotte down with a dropkick that gets two then works another chinlock but this time Charotte powers out and backs Brie into the corner. Brie hits a missile dropkick but Charlotte catches a kick attempt then hits a bunch of chops. Charlotte gets two with a big boot then sets up for the figure-eight. Nikki jumps up on the apron as Charlotte chases her away. Charlotte then spears Brie before putting on the figure-eight as that gets the win (9:00) *1/2.

Thoughts: This match was horrible before the commercial but after they came back, it turned out okay. They are still pushing Team Bella vs. Team Paige and Team BAD vs. everyone.

Backstage, HHH is on the phone with Paul Heyman, trying to prevent Lesnar from coming tonight so the proposed SummerSlam match between Undertaker and Lesnar will not be put in jeopardy. The Miz tries to interrupt then tells HHH, who is blowing him off, that he did not deserve to get hit by Big Show last night at Battleground. HHH then informs him he will face Big Show tonight, which is a match that Miz does not want. HHH then tells him to go away.

Los Matadores w/ El Torito vs. PrimeTime Players

Cole informs us that Los Matadores will receive a title shot if they win tonight. Young starts the match by beating on Diego but gets caught with a basement dropkick. Fernando tags in and uses a slingshot senton as Los Matadores take control, using frequent quick tags. Young comes back with an overhead throw on one of the Matadores then tags Titus, who starts tossing both Matadores around like luggage. Young hits Diego with a back suplex on the apron then the New Day interrupt and say they are here to congratulate but that distraction allows Diego to hit a lungblower for the win (4:05) *. After the match, New Day laugh at the PTP’s as they head up the ramp.

Thoughts: Crowd didn’t care much about the match but they are still going with the PTP’s vs. New Day feud. The Tag Team Division needs help right now. Its been ravaged by injuries.

Miz vs. Big Show

Show yanks Miz up on the apron as he tries to escape. Miz outsmarts Show and boots him for a bit but Show comes back with a shoulder tackle. Show chops Miz in the corner then hits a pair of slams before getting a win with the elbow drop from the middle rope (1:28) 1/4*. After the match, Show grabs the mic and kicks Miz while yelling at him about what he said to him at Battleground about being missing since the “Attitude Era.” Show starts talking about Ryback then goes off on the crowd when they started a “Feed me More” and even challenges Ryback at tomorrow’s Tough Enough taping.

Thoughts: Total squash here as Ryback vs. Big Show appears to be the direction for the IC Title at the moment.

Backstage, HHH and Stephanie McMahon are putting over artist Rob Schamberger until they leave when they see Heyman. They head over to Heyman, who assures them Lesnar is not here as they have given him the night off. Heyman leaves as HHH & Steph do not trust him and make sure to beef up on security.

HHH and Stephanie are now addressing the locker room. They tell the wrestlers that their livelihoods depend on Lesnar vs. Undertaker at SummerSlam and that they better prevent any altercation that takes place between the two tonight.

Heyman is now in the ring. He tells us that Lesnar is not the World Champion because Seth Rollins was better than him but it was because of the “demonic” resurrection of the Undertaker. Heyman then recaps what happened last night as he hypes up the history between Undertaker and Lesnar, specifically the fact that Lesnar ended the WrestleMania winning streak. He then asks why the Undertaker has decided after fifteen months that he wants revenge as he tells us he wanted to take away what was most important to Lesnar, which is the WWE World Title. Heyman then reminds everyone that Lesnar ended the WrestleMania streak and that while he can sell his soul to the devil, his ass belongs to Brock Lesnar. After that, Undertaker’s gong hits and when the lights turn on, he is standing in the ring. Heyman is begging for mercy in the corner but Lesnar’s music hits and he darts out to the ring as they brawl. Security tries to break it up but Lesnar leaps over them and goes after Taker. The entire midcard runs out to break up both guys and backs them up in the corner but Lesnar sneaks out and ran across the apron to go after Taker as HHH is screaming at them to take out Lesnar, but that also fails. They finally stop as we head to break. Heyman’s promo was weak but it didn’t matter as it was just a setup for the pull-apart brawl. And the brawl was awesome. Lesnar looked like the baddest man on the planet. At the same time, it seems almost foolish that Taker would even have a chance based on appearance alone.

Back from break, everyone is backstage as Lesnar and taker go at it some more. Lesnar keeps going after the Undertaker and it eventually stops when Lesnar is cornered by the police, who then zip-tie his hands together so they can escort him away.

Backstage, HHH and Stephanie are with Seth Rollins, who wants to address the WWE Universe. They let him go right ahead and do that as they look puzzled before the camera cuts away.

We cut backstage as the camera shows a picture of Roman Reigns, with his eyes cut out, placed on a dartboard. Bray Wyatt then cuts a promo while Luke Harper stand behind him. Wyatt tells Reigns that this is the just beginning as Harper tells us it will only stop until there is nothing left as Wyatt tells Roman “anyone but you.”

Roman heads out for his match against Luke Harper and stares down both Harper and Wyatt until Dean Ambrose’s music hits as he helps even the score.

Luke Harper w/ Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns w/ Dean Ambrose

Both guys start out the match fighting over a lockup. The crowd starts a “Let’s go Roman” chant as they are unlike the crowd from last night. Reigns hits some mounted punches in the corner and follows that with a clothesline. Harper runs into another clothesline then ducks outside for a breather. Harper comes back in and tries to work the arm but Reigns hammers away. Reigns hits a corner clothesline but clutches his wrist as he is in pain. Reigns blocks a suplex and hits one of his own as Harper rolls outside just before the commercial. We return with Harper working a headlock. Reigns escapes and charges but Harper dumps him outside as Reigns falls on his injured arm. Reigns just beats the ten count then gets roughed up by Harper. Reigns fights back with one arm, even using a slam but Harper is able to smash Reigns’ arm against the post. Harper slingshots in then uses a side headlock as the crowd rallies behind Reigns. Harper misses a charge and spills out to the floor. He heads back inside as Reigns fires away. He hits a Samoan drop then heads outside for the apron dropkick but gets blocked by Bray. Reigns attacks Wyatt then hits the dropkick. Reigns went back inside but Bray yanked him out and the ref rang the bell for the DQ (13:01) **1/2. After the match, Ambrose runs over for the save but he gets destroyed. Back inside, Harper and Wyatt work over Reigns until Ambrose comes in to make the save. Wyatt then catches Ambrose and goes for the Sister Abigail but Reigns makes the save with the Superman Punch, clutching his injured arm after the move.

Thoughts: Decent TV match but more importantly, the crowd was really into this segment. They popped loud for Ambrose making the save and were pro-Reigns. This also injected life into an feud that was all but DOA.

Seth Rollins comes out to the ring. He asks the crowd how they feel about being wrong about him again as he pretends that he overcame Lesnar all by himself last night. Rollins says that he is the most underappreciated champion in WWE history, even saying we do not understand what he has to go through in order to keep the belt. Rollins says what matters is keeping the belt then claims he was robbed last night as he welcomes Lillian Garcia to the ring so she can introduce him as the champion, which did not occur last night. After that happens, John Cena’s music hits. He hits the ring to tell us all that we no longer have to put up with Rollins’ crap. Rollins tells Cena he does not know why he is out here tonight but congratulates him on his win against Kevin Owens last night. Rollins then asks if he is out for the U.S. Open Challenge and steps aside so he can do that. Cena tells Rollins that he is here because they won their titles on the same day. He also calls Rollins a “weasly, slimy, conniving, suck-up, poor excuse of a champion” and that people lose respect for his title while gaining it for the U.S. Title. The crowd starts a “USA” chant while Rollins thinks no one respects the U.S. title because anyone can get a shot at that title, unlike earning a shot at his. Rollins then tells a smirking Cena that he cant stand the fact fans hate his guts as he walks away. Cena calls him out for dodging challenges and that the man makes the title before calling Rollins a “joke.” They tease confrontation but that stops when Rollins ducks out and backs up the ramp and holds up his title while Cena proclaims the champ is here. Its pretty clear they are building towards a champion vs. champion match at SummerSlam between these two. The crowd was behind Cena here and Rollins did not do bad on the mic but its becoming clearer that he is not getting the job done as the champ. Next to Lesnar and Cena, he does not come even close to being on that level and does not have the natural charisma of most champions.

The main event is announced as Cena & Randy Orton & Cesaro vs. Rusev & Sheamus & Kevin Owens.

Paige & Becky Lynch w/ Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks & Naomi w/ Tamina

Team Bella is on commentary. Sasha and Becky start things off while Nikki talks about changing things. Becky works the arm but Sasha backs her in the corner and tags Naomi, who peppers Becky with forearms. Becky fights back with a dropkick and a pair of leg drops before grabbing a chinlock. Paige tags and roughs up Naomi as Nikki, like Sasha earlier, took shots at Charlotte. Sasha is now getting worked over in the corner but attacks Becky from behind after Naomi provided a distraction. Back from break, Naomi hits Becky with a leg drop for a nearfall. She grabs a front facelock then gets two with a jumping back elbow smash. Sasha tags and stomps away. She slaps Becky across the face then chokes her out with her own arms. Becky finally fights free but then makes the tag as Paige runs wild on Naomi. She takes her down with a super kick and puts her in the PTO but Sasha breaks that up. Tamina distracts Paige and that allows Naomi to trip her up then Sasha tags in and hits the Bank Statement for the win (13:31) ***.

Thoughts: Good match. Sasha really shined here and the other three all did a fine job as well. The crowd dug the match and really popped when Paige made the hot-tag. They really seem to be pushing Charlotte vs. Nikki for the Diva’s Title.

We get a clip of the Tough Enough trainers discussing the training that actor Jake Gyllenhall did for the film “Southpaw,” comparing that to the training on Tough Enough. Nothing more than a harmless, cross-promotion.

More hype for the Lesnar vs. Undertaker match at SummerSlam

Renee Young welcomes out a smiling Lana and asks her about Dolph Ziggler’s injury. Lana assures us there is nothing to worry about and Ziggler will be back soon. Summer Rae then interrupts wearing an outfit similar to Lana’s as Rusev then comes out saying she looks beautiful as he makes out with Summer. Rusev then tells Lana she looks tired and needs rest before laughing and walking away. Summer then comes over and acts concerned but ends up slapping Lana across the face. I liked this segment and nice to see them finally utilize Summer as a heel valet. She is really good in that role. And she looked fantastic in that dress. Rusev is killing it on the mic right now too.

Cesaro & Randy Orton & John Cena vs. Kevin Owens & Rusev w/ Summer Rae & Sheamus

A “Fight Owens Fight” chant broke out before the match. Cena and Rusev started things out. Rusev gained the upper hand then tagged Owens, who yells at Cena while roughing him up. Cena dodges a pop-up powerbomb and goes for the STF but that fails. Owens hits a DDT but misses a cannonball as Sheamus and Cesaro tag into the match. Cesaro hammers Sheamus with European Uppercuts and tries for the swing but Rusev breaks that up with a super kick as we head to break with Summer clapping with glee. We return with Sheamus working a chinlock on Cesaro, who tries to fight off the heels but fails as Sheamus knocks him down. Cesaro keeps on trying to fight out and make the tag but is unable to overcome the numbers game. Owens and Sheamus have some miscommunication as Sheamus knocks him down and takes his briefcase and heads up the aisle. Owens tags Rusev and yells at him as that ends with Owens hitting a super kick before leaving. Cesaro makes the tag to Orton, who runs wild. He hits an exploder then the draping DDT as Summer looks on in fear. The crowd goes nuts as Orton teases the RKO but Rusev stops that with a super kick. Lana then walks down the aisle to confront Summer, who wags a finger in her face. Lana then tosses a shoe at Summer before tackling her and ripping out her bun. She leaves as Cena hits Rusev with the A.A. Cesaro then hits the giant swing and stops as he uses a slingshot so Orton can hit him in midair with the RKO for the win (14:57) ***. The crowd went nuts for the finish.

Thoughts: Fun match to send the home happy. I’m sure the tension between the heel side will be addressed next week, probably leading to one of them turning face.

Final Thoughts: Good show. The first hour kinda sucked but the show really picked up after that. The Lesnar/Taker brawls were fun and they even managed to spark interest in the Wyatt/Reigns feud. With the top match at SummerSlam set and a few others expected to be added, the card is looking hopeful at the moment.