A Look Ahead at the Place to Be Podcast: Episode 600 and Beyond

A Look Ahead at the Place to Be Podcast: Episode 600 and Beyond

For the past several weeks, I have taken a look back at the previous six seasons of the Place to Be Podcast which launched back on February 11th, 2011 and now here in early April of 2022, we are about to have the 600th episode of the Podcast. This is truly a great milestone for Scott and Justin and to see how much the Podcast and the Nation have grown over these last 11 years is just extraordinary, and we have had many great shows, moments, and guests over the course of the history of the Podcast. But now, instead of looking back on the past and reflecting on the previous 11 years, it is now time to look ahead to the future and what is potentially to come with the PTB Podcast.

Episode 600

As mentioned, this week will see the boys do episode 600 of the Place to Be Podcast and while we don’t know for sure what will be on the show, there is plenty to think about. Obviously, the boys will no doubt reflect back on the previous 600 episodes and talk about some of the best moments, but with the majority of the Nation converging onto Dallas for Wrestlemania week there is sure to be plenty of recapping the big show along with the other events going on during that week. There will be plenty of guests on for the show talking about their memories of the Podcast while also talking about the events happening in Dallas that week, including the Hall of Fame, Supercard of Honor, NXT Stand and Deliver, RAW, Smackdown, and of course the grand daddy of them all, the two night stupendous event that Is Wrestlemania. It will be interesting to see how long the episode goes because we have had a few that have gone over 3 hours, but given everything happening it wouldn’t surprise me if this episode crosses the 4 hour mark or even goes longer.

Season 7

Following episode 600, the Podcast will kick off its seventh season with episode 601 and there is no doubt that the boys will continue their trek through 2007 and head into 2008 with the Vintage Vaults, and the question will become how far they go before deciding if they want to divert back to another timeline. In addition, there will definitely be more Halloween and Christmas episodes and potentially more anniversary shows, and it will be interesting to see if we get anymore specialty episodes as we trek through the season and approach the next big milestone of episode 700. Beyond that, it is tough to say as the feeds continue to grow and as life goes on for everyone, but for now we just continue to enjoy the show and the amount of entertainment that Scott and Justin continue to provide.

A few words from me

I first became aware of Scott and Justin back in 2004 when I stumbled upon Graham Cawthon’s History of WWE website and found their reviews along with a few others that were posting reviews at that time. I had been a wrestling fan since 1993 and didn’t have many friends that shared that same love that I did, so to read Scott and Justin’s reviews of these classic shows resonated with me and for the next three years, I always waited with bated breath for their next review. Then in 2007 after they launched their message board, I quickly hopped on and became a member which I still am to this day and was inspired to start doing my own wrestling reviews which I still do to this day. When the boys launched the podcast in 2011, I quickly started listening and have been enjoying it to this day, and I would make my voice heard when I could start with leaving feedback for the Vintage Vaults when they used to read the feedback. I would make my debut on the Podcast in 2013 as part of the trivia tournament and despite losing in the first round to Ryan Everett, it was still cool to get on the podcast especially for someone like me who has always be self-conscious about listening to themselves despite having been part of music and theater departments back in school. But I continued to listen loyally and after I got shouted out on episode 400, I wanted to become more involved which started by being part of an episode of the Main Event with Scott and Nick Duke as we talked the aftermath of Wrestlemania 32 and Takeover: Dallas. Not long after that, I became more involved with placetobenation.com by taking over the Vintage Vault Pre-Viewing from Chad Campbell while also creating the Box Office Recaps and eventually, the Wonderful Reviews and Lists of Disney following the launch of Disney Plus. I would make my return to the Podcast for the live watch of the July 2006 Saturday Night’s Main Event along with Greg Phillips and Glenn Butler which was a lot of fun to do. I would also take part of the Halloween 2016 and episode 500 tournaments where I would make it to the final four both times, but sadly never made it to the finals though I still consider myself extremely proud of my performances. But the real highlight was getting to be solo on an episode with Scott and Justin to talk Wrestlefest 1988 and while the show itself was a downer, the episode itself was great as I feel like myself, Scott, and Justin made the best of a dismal show. Getting to know Scott, Justin, and the rest of the Nation has been tremendous and I began to feel more confident in doing podcasts, and now I am at the point where I am co-hosting a podcast with Andy Atherton and Mirandia Berthold talking Disney films on “Pop Goes the Classics” and also serving as the moderator of “Making Mt. Rushmore” on the pop feed. I have also branched out and appeared on other podcasts across the different feeds, but the ultimate highlight for me was when members of the Nation converged on Las Vegas last summer for Summerslam. While I had already gone to a few PPVs including the 2019 Royal Rumble where I also attended Axxess and met several of the WWE Superstars, getting to finally meet Scott, Justin, and other members of the Nation was a great experience for me. While going to Summerslam was itself a great time and Allegiant Stadium is a great venue, just getting to hang with everyone was the real highlight that weekend and one that will stick with me as I look forward to being able to be a part of the next get together. After being a wrestling fan for so long without having anyone else to share the love with, getting to be a part of this Nation has been life changing for me and I am proud to be a part of this Nation. Honestly, we are a community of different types of people across the country and even the world, but we are more than that, we are a family as we look out for each other when times are good and especially when times are bad. So to Scott and Justin, congratulations on 600 episodes and thank you for the last 11 years of entertainment with the podcast, and even more so for the last 20 years between the written reviews, the message board, the website, and everything else in between. None of this would exist without the two of you and I am extremely grateful for being able to get to know the two of you along with everyone else in the Nation.

Here’s to the last 11 years, here’s to the 600th episode of the Place to Be Podcast, here’s to the future of the Podcast, here’s to Scott and Justin, and most importantly of all, here’s to the greatest collection of people in the history of the world:

Here’s to the Place to Be Nation!!!!