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Age of Alpha: Cosmic Bastards

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Keith Giffen
Drafted Characters: Darkseid, Drax, Mera and Starfire

Welcome to Apokolips, home of Anti-Life BBQ, the planetary champion Parademons murderball team…and more bastards than you’ve ever seen. When you’re an angry young God like Queen Mera of the extradimensional Xebel, the only way to survive a place like this…is to carry a really big trident. From Synchronicity’s acclaimed team of JASON AARON and KEITH GIFFEN comes a cosmic-fried crime series that’s like Game of Thrones meets the New Gods as directed by Quentin Tarantino…on Angel Dust.

Over the course of the first year of publication, Xebel and Apokolips wage unspeakably bloody cosmic war and respective leaders Queen Mera and Boss Darkseid Uxas (a being of near-infinite power linked to “the Source”) eventually broker a peace deal by exchanging their own children to be raised by the other. Queen Mera’s Daughter with the exiled King Myand’r of Tamaran is to grow up on Apokolips, and Darkseid’s warmongering son (from an unnamed concubine) Drax the Destroyer is raised to hate his biological father while growing up in the dimension Xebel. When Darkseid uses the power of the Source to disguise himself as a handsome and aloof aquatic warrior, infiltrate Xebel and seduce & impregnate Mera, the truce is broken. Apokolips eventually overcomes and annexes Xebel, but not before the Queen and her unborn child can escape…..

Age of Andromeda: The Saga

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Ethan Van Sciver
Drafted Characters: Drax and Starfire

Shakespearean star-crossed (literally!) love collides with American Vandal-style fart & potty humor in this original sci-fi/fantasy epic for somewhat mature readers, as unlikely lovers Drax and Koriand’r risk everything for each other amidst a never-ending galactic war.

Drax, a visually-intimidating son of Apokolips raised among the inter-dimensional flotsam and jetsam of Xebel, is a romantic poet and artist at heart…and he’s drawn to the passionately savage yet naive Starfire at first glance. Tired of being pawns in their parents’ war, the couple set out to start a new life for themselves away from the looming destruction of the galaxy as they know it.

Essential Space Opera from Synchronicity’s finest team of BRIAN K VAUGHAN and ETHAN VAN SCIVER!

Over the course of the first year of publication, Drax rescues Kori from the Armagetto on Apokolips and escapes with a Mother Box. The couple have countless adventures across intergalactic space (including encounters with the depraved Mongul and his Black Mercy, an informative visit to the all-male planet of CMXG8, a sexy romp on the pleasure planet known as the Skrull homeworld, a close call with the Warlords of Okarra, and encounters with bounty hunters led by The Will-(also known as Magnus, and his ultimate creation Prince Robot the IV) before conceiving a child and looking for safe haven on the technologically-advanced planet of Krytpton. Unfortunately, their presence dooms the planet when their pursuer The Will’s Prince Robot malfunctions, burrows underground and destabilizes Krypton’s core.

The final issue will feature the couple placing their unborn daughter in a birth matrix made of the converted Mother Box and rocketing her to the faraway planet, following a rumor of Kori’s birth mother (also Drax’s adoptive mom) having escaped to Earth to flee certain death during the capture of Xebel.

Age of Wonder: The Hawkgirl Chronicles

Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Cliff Chiang
Drafted Characters: Hawkgirl and Mera

Narmea, queen of the island of the ancient Terran island Atlantis, has kept a secret from her daughter all her life–and when Princess K’ndra learns who her father is, her life will shatter like brittle clay. The only one more shocked than K’ndra by this revelation? Bloodthirsty Hila, Narmea’s twin sister and co-founder of Atlantis. So why is Hila’s sinister daughter, Hyathis, so eager for the truth to be told? Synchronicity Comics’ BRIAN AZZARELLO and CLIFF CHIANG are at it again!

Over the course of the first year of publication, Princess Kendra gains the wings and belt of Nth Metal buried deep within Atlantis by slaying the gorgons Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa, K’ndra faces the trials of her (unbeknownst to Hawkgirl) father’s legion of underlings: DeSaad, Kalibak, Orion, and Grail, eventually slaying them all in a quest for the truth. Eventually K’ndra threatens to kill her cousin Hyathis unless Hila reveals all about K’ndra’s parentage: but before that Narmea arrives and reveals herself to be the escaped-from-the-clutches of Apokolips, Queen Mera and that K’ndra is the daughter of Xebel’s exiled leader and that of Apokolips’ God-King. Mera eventually sacrifices herself and Atlantis to Poseidon (sinking the island) to give K’ndra a sort of immortality: Hawkgirl will be reincarnated lifetime after lifetime until she finally kills her father and is allowed to pass on into the afterlife.

Age of Gold: Heroes and Villains

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Kevin Maguire
Drafted Characters: Supergirl, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Robin (Dick Grayson), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), Joker

Note: This is an anthology book which unfolds over an entire year.

In 1924, just outside of Opal City, USA, the birth matrix containing Kara Zor-El (named for the family that gave her parents sanctuary on Krypton) is found by teenager Ted Knight, who tracked what he thought was a passing meteor through his telescope. Kara is “born” when exposed to the open air and the overwhelmed Knight drives to nearby Midvale and anonymously leaves her at an orphanage. Kara is given the name “Linda Lee” and has no knowledge of her origins as she grows to prepubescence.

Knight absconds with the Matrix/Mother Box, eventually learning some of its secrets and fashioning a crude weapon, a “cosmic rod”, from some of its parts.

Kara Zor-El discovers she has powers far beyond those of mortal men and women. She begins testing her abilities out at night away from the orphanage and changes her personality to that of a sheepish bookworm lest anyone get suspicious and recognize her. She rescues a prototype military jet (made from Mother Box tech) from crashing and is her existence is discovered by the government, though they let her disappear after determining that she’s no threat to them. She fashions a costume incorporating a ‘bombshell’ Veronica Lake-type look with a corset laden with an “S” emblem after the newspaper headline about the plane incident reads, “The Supergirl is real, and she’s an American.”

Knight, now a famous scientist, uses secrets from the alien technology to start a super-soldier program for the US Government called “Project: Rebirth,” created to give birth to meta-humans for the United States government. He also co-founds (with industrialist Howard Stark) a top secret division called “STARS & STRIPES” designed to keep track of costumed adventurers such as the “Super Girl.” Knight hides the Cosmic Rod underground after discovering the ability to create a nuclear weapon with the last remnants of the Mother Box/Matrix.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the United States enters World War Two. Unemployed illustrator Steve Rogers attempts to enlist in the US Armed forces but is rejected due to being in poor health. Observed by Ted Knight, who is moved by Rogers’ patriotism, Rogers becomes selected as the first test subject for Project: Rebirth. His body responds well to the treatment, giving him the ability to use the maximum of human potential. Inspired by the “Super Girl”, Knight christens Steve ‘Captain America’ and Stark/Knight ship Rogers to Europe for both USO appearances in costume and special clandestine STARS & STRIPES operations in fatigues.

Back in the states, an unnamed stand-up comedian and former circus clown struggles to support his wife and unborn child in Gotham City. Accosted by thugs after a particularly catastrophic set, the man is framed into assisting with a crime at his former place of employment, Haley’s Circus-now on a USO tour through military installations. Unbeknownst to the comedian, the thugs are secretly Nazis who believe that their secret has been exposed back in Europe to Romany gymnasts who now use the aliases of John and Mary Grayson. The comedian, in his old clown costume, weakens the ropes of the trapeze while in storage and watches from backstage as the gymnasts fall to their deaths. The gymnasts’ death haunts their orphaned son, 11-year old Dick Grayson. Grayson is comforted by Captain America, there on a date with his Supervising Officer during a rare night off. Rogers agrees to train Grayson and teaches him to use his acrobatic talent in combat as Robin, the Boy Wonder.

The comedian, freed from his obligation by the thugs, returns home to Gotham to find his pregnant wife murdered in a completely random incident. He goes insane, assaulting a police officer and stealing his gun. The comedian arbitrarily shoots a couple exiting an opera house and laughs maniacally in front of their now-orphaned young daughter. Police corner the killer in a chemical factory, only to see him escape by jumping into a vat and getting out through the sewer. He is equally scarred on the outside now and becomes the crime lord known as the Joker.
The young girl is taken into protective custody and eventually raised and supervised by social worker Leslie Thompkins.

Supergirl, Captain America and Robin team up to be the World’s Finest Allies, supporting the war effort in the states with appearances and fighting crime both mundane and metahuman.
The United States drops the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, effectively ending World War 2.

Captain America vanishes and Supergirl alternates between a normal life on Earth and exploring the universe for answers about her origin.

Several years later (just post-war), Barbara Gordon trains herself as a detective obsessed with the Joker and his crime family. Barbara tracks down Robin and convinces him to train her as his protege, and she adopts the name Batgirl (in reference to the opera she saw the night her parents were killed, Die Fledermaus). Robin and Gordon become extremely attracted to one another, but the Joker’s reign of terror keeps them from telling each other.

Consumed with guilt over his role in the deaths of millions, Ted Knight attempts suicide by jumping off the roof of STARS and STRIPES headquarters. Supergirl rescues him and convinces him to commit himself to an asylum. Knight’s research is retained by the government, but the Cosmic Rod remains hidden.

Age of Gold: Heroes and Villains is the Synchronicity Epic that you’ve been waiting for. Waid and Maguire have crafted a masterpiece.

Age of Silver: The New Frontier

Writer: Joshua Williamson
Art: Bilquis Evely
Drafted Characters: Iron Man, Captain Atom, The Thing, The Flash, Scarlet Witch

Note: This is an anthology book which unfolds over an entire year.

Forensic Scientist Barry Allen is struck by lightning while in his laboratory, turning him into fastest man alive, The Flash. Inspired by childhood tales of the World’s Finest Allies, Allen fights technologically based threats in Central City. Allen learns of the Speed Force and becomes even faster after entering it. He is able to travel through time and witnesses both the past and future.

Air Force Captain Nathanial Adam is court-martialed for a crime he didn’t commit. Adam volunteers for a Project: Rebirth experiment to avoid jail time and is accidentally disintegrated in an Intrinsic Field Subtractor but reconstructs himself as the human Nuclear Man, Captain Atom. Atom discovers Knight’s research and uses this knowledge to assist the government against threats both Earth based and alien. Atom vaporizes a probe from Apokolips but co-opts the found Mother Boxes for STARS & STRIPES.

Test Pilot Ben Grimm pilots an experimental spacecraft through a stargate to Apokolips. There, he is captured and subjected to experiments that transform him into a living rock creature known as the Thing. Grimm eventually escapes, retrieves the plane and finds his way back to Earth. However, shape-shifting allies of Apokolips from the Skrull kingdom stow away on Grimm’s plane and avoid detection. On Earth, they infiltrate all levels of Government and relay information back to Apokolips.

Captain Atom ends the conflict in Vietnam before escalation. Anthony Stark, an American weapons designer touring the aftermath of Vietnam, gets injured in a skirmish when shrapnel pierces his heart. Stark is captured and creates a crude suit of armor that both stabilizes his injury and allows him to kill his captors and return to America. With the help of Knight’s notes and the Mother Boxes, Stark improves his armor and becomes Iron Man.

Stark, Grimm, Allen and Adam unite as the Challengers of the Unexplained, protecting America from the communist menace and fighting threats all over the planet and occasionally in the Negative Zone (a realm discovered in Ted Knight’s notes). Over the course of their adventures, they discover the first known mutant, a batshit crazy gypsy girl named Wanda Maximoff who has been conscripted into the Soviet Union as the Scarlet Witch. Stark convinces her to defect and she is placed into a school in New York City, where she can be supervised by the Challengers. Stark develops a drinking problem to deal with the chronic pain of his chest injury.

Atom becomes less and less concerned with humanity, eventually choosing to spend more time amongst the stars investigating Neutrinos.

JOSHUA WILLIAMSON and BILQUIS EVELY have created a remarkable tale of science and technology, the new mythology. Only at Synchronicity!

Age of Gotham: The Killing Joke/Killing the Joker

Writer: Joss Whedon
Artist: Juan Ferreya
Drafted Characters: Batgirl, Nightwing, the Joker

Takes place over a year, you know the deal.

After years of trying, the Joker discovers Batgirl’s identity. Disguised as a door-to-door sex toy salesperson, he surprises her at her apartment, tortures, shoots and paralyzes her. Robin discovers her and swears revenge.

Grayson nurses Gordon back to health and the two finally confess their mutual love. Dick adopts the darker identity of Nightwing and tracks Joker to an abandoned theme park, where the villain has kidnapped elderly Leslie Thompkins. In an effort to turn Thompkins as insane as he is, The Joker binds and gags her and forces her to watch a non-stop loop of the show “Gotham.” Unfortunately for Nightwing, Joker’s plan works and Thompkins adopts the identity of “Harlot Queen” and becomes an elderly crazed criminal in her own right. The villains tell Grayson a stupid joke in the rain and escape together.

Barbara aids Dick over the course of the series as an “eye in the sky” coordinating attacks on Joker and Queen.
Eventually, Nightwing has allies from his time fighting alongside Captain America fashion an exoskeleton that enables Barbara to once again fight crime as Batgirl. The pair eventually capture Joker and Queen, but can Nightwing keep Batgirl from exacting her final revenge and killing the Joker?

WHEDON and FERREYA bring Gotham to life-more terrifying than ever, and only at Synchronicity Comics!

Age of Espionage: The Lazarus Heart

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Adam Kubert
Drafted Characters: Jessica Drew, Sam Wilson

STARS & STRIPES agent Sam Wilson has uncovered the conspiracy to end all conspiracies-the Skrulls have infiltrated every level of her organization! Unable to trust anyone, Wilson goes rogue and tries to find a way to expose the shape-shifters. Wilson is captured by skrull spies but is rescued by fellow agent Jessica Drew, who has found a way to determine just who’s human and who’s not. Drew shows Wilson the plans for a device made from Mother Box technology called a Lazarus Heart. Unfortunately for the pair, the components to complete the device are scattered amongst STARS & STRIPES strongholds all over the world! Towards the end of the series’ first year the pair of agents uncover Apokoliptian spies led by G. Gordon Godfrey have also infiltrated the government in an effort to turn public sentiment against costumed heroes. RUCKA and KUBERT create a gripping tale of secret agents, exotic weapons and paranoia that’s sure to keep every Synchronicity reader on the edge of their seat!

Age of Bronze: Mutants and Monsters

Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Olivier Coipel
Drafted Characters: Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Scarlet Witch, Ghost Rider, She Hulk, Master Splinter

A generation after the atomic bomb, strange mutations start cropping up around the world. In upstate New York, advantaged teenager Jean Grey develops spontaneous powers of telekinesis and telepathy. In the wealthy Chicago suburb of Greenfield, advantaged teenager Katherine “Kitty” Pryde develops spontaneous abilities that allow her to phase through objects. The enigmatic Wanda Maximoff recruits the two to join her at the behest of a mysterious benefactor. “The Professor” unites the girls at a training facility in Los Angeles, where the trio are taught to control their powers and go on global adventures, helping other mutants learn to deal with their abilities.

Months later, Jean Grey apparently sacrifices her life to save Wanda’s invisible friend/brother/boyfriend’s life from sharks with laser beams strapped to their heads, but is resurrected as the Phoenix. The Phoenix travels the universe looking for plant-based intelligent life to consume.

While settling a lawsuit between the government and the parents of a Project: Rebirth-washout, aggressive prosecuting attorney *who’s*getting*too*close*to*the*truth* Jennifer Walters is blowdart-injected (by a STARS&STRIPES agent) with an experimental toxin created from Supergirl’s DNA from Kara’s birth matrix and Skrull Cells. The poison, which previously disintegrated every living tissue it had been exposed to, reacts in an unforeseen way with Walters and turns her into the Savage She-Hulk.

Hollywood Stuntman Johnny Blaze nearly dies from a motorcycle stunt and makes a deal with a demon, becoming the Ghost Rider. Blaze uses his powers to fight Skrulls within the Hollywood power structure.

The mysterious benefactor who has been training the mutants reveals himself to the young women as Master Splinter, a former sewer rat who was exposed to the same toxin that transformed Walters into She-Hulk. Pryde leaves the team and takes a government job to protect her parents from being revealed to the world as Democrats.

Towards the end of the series’ first year, retired STARS&STRIPES agent in hiding Jessica Drew is bitten by a toxin-treated spider and gives her amazing, spectacular powers.

Walters, Blaze, Drew and Maximoff fight super-powered threats as the West Coast Revengers.

Leave it to superstar creators NICK SPENCER and OLIVIER COPIEL tell this disco and cocaine-fueled epic in the sensational Synchronicity manner!

Age of Bwah ha ha: Equity Alliance International

Writers: J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen
Artist: Kevin Maguire
Drafted Characters: Ghost Rider, Iron Man, The Thing, Stargirl, She-Hulk

After decades of therapy, Ted Knight reveals to his grandniece Courtney Whitmore the location of the Cosmic Rod. He dies, finally at peace.

Courtney learns the Rod’s secrets and becomes the heroic Stargirl. The newly-sober Iron Man befriends Whitmore and creates a new team for the way-bitchin’ 80s, a UN sanctioned group known as the EAI! The group, which also features Ghost Rider, the Thing and She-Hulk, fights fecal invaders from a parallel dimension, an army of cross-dressing Skrulls, invading Apokoliptian cyborg parademons with Australian accents and Surf Ninja Robots from Japan.

Oh yeah, and also the Royal Flush Gang.

Jennifer Walters becomes the permanent UN Liaison for the team, but which one of the Alliance is secretly a Skrull?
After months of adventures, the team finally uses the last Lazarus Heart to figure out that their Ben Grimm ain’t nothing like the real Thing, baby.

Synchronicity can do funny comics, too! Check out the EAI, brilliantly (all right, ABSURDLY) created by GIFFEN, DEMATTEIS and MAGUIRE!

Age of Extreme: Youngforce Brigade

Story and Art by Rob Liefeld
Drafted Characters: Master Splinter, Honey Badger

The wise Master Splinter trains a new protege, the Project: Rebirth clone known only as Honey Badger.

You probably aren’t going to pull this, but if you did, I think you can imagine exactly how this book would read and look.

This book has EVERYTHING: there’s lots of barrel-chested archers, there’s barrel-chested wolf-girls with triangular heads, barrel-chested eye-patch guys and lots and lots of pouches.

ROB LIEFELD has incriminating pictures of the Synchronicity Editor-in-Chief and will apparently have carte blanche to do whatever he wants with this book. Great, just wonderful.

Age of Darkness: InterPlanetary Watchmen

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Arthur Adams
Drafted Characters: Kitty Pryde, Falcon, Honey Badger, Captain Atom

In the late 1990s, amongst the threat of global thermonuclear armageddon, Katherine Pryde forms a team including disgraced STARS&STRIPES agent Sam Wilson and a all-growns-up Honey Badger as well as the mysterious “Fourth Man” (who gives them orders but is never seen) to investigate paranormal anomalies all over Earth.

The group, titled “The InterPlanetary Organization” is tasked with tracking down evidence of super-human activity. These mystery archaeologists uncover unknown paranormal secrets and histories, such as a World War II supercomputer that can access other universes, a ghostly spirit of vengeance, and a lost island of dying monsters.

The group is eventually drawn to Captain Atom’s fortress on Mars, confronting him as to why he left humanity. Atom reveals all of the secrets of the government to Pryde, including the knowledge that SHE is the fabled fourth man who had her memories purged and left instructions for herself in the future to form InterPlanetary and track Atom.

Pryde, Wilson and Badger return to Earth with Atom’s last remaining Mother Box and the intention of making every conspiracy public but then Atom is mysteriously obliterated by Omega beams. Pryde, now insane from the knowledge that she was really the fourth man becomes intent on saving the planet from itself and uses InterPlanetary’s resources to creates a psychic pseudo-alien whose presence kills millions in New York City.

Pryde’s plan works and the entire planet denuclearizes and begins to live in harmony. Wilson, who is overwhelmed with grief and shame after learning of Pryde’s plan, confronts Katherine, takes her to the North Pole and kills himself, Honey Badger and Pride by detonating the last Mother Box. It is revealed that his last act before killing the team was sending a letter addressed to Kendra Saunders.

The explosion leaves an open stargate to Earth, but also frees the long-frozen body of America’s greatest hero of the Golden Age…..

ELLIS and ADAMS bring the Synchronicity Age of comics to its penultimate crescendo!

Age of Omega: The Great Darkness Crisis

Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Ivan Reis
Drafted Characters: Supergirl, Jean Grey, Hawkgirl, Darkseid, Stargirl, Captain America, The Flash

Darkseid Is.

Earth faces a full-scale invasion from the cosmic forces. Captain America forms one last alliance with a team featuring Stargirl and Jean Grey to save the world.

Supergirl returns to Earth from her self-imposed exile at the remains of Krypton to join them and fight for her adoptive planet.

Towards the end of the series, Darkseid is revealed to be the ultimate evil behind the invasion and comes to Earth’s solar system to create a new Apokolips (the original, now depleted of all resources, is uninhabitable-even by Darkseid). Darkseid sets up a base on Earth’s moon, and forces the time-displaced Barry Allen to connect to the Source and power Darkseid’s Anti-life engine.

The Phoenix force again merges with Jean Grey and fights for Earth, but succumbs to Darkseid’s Anti-life equation and becomes Dark Phoenix. She ravages Earth, killing all plant life and dooming the planet. Darkseid becomes infatuated with Dark Phoenix and intends to use her to break through the Source Wall, giving him true power to create infinite universes.

Before Darkseid can contain Grey’s Phoenix force, Rogers and Whitmore confront Dark Phoenix themselves and are taken to the “Darkseid of the Moon” for final judgement.

Supergirl leads a team “beyond the silent night” to rescue Captain America and Stargirl from Darkseid’s prison. Supergirl incapacitates Darkseid and frees the captives, but in turning to tell them to step through the stargate back to earth is caught in Dark Phoenix’s blast, which kills Kara Zor-El. Steve Rogers and Whitmore return to Earth, but Stargirl leaves the Cosmic Rod on the Moon.

Jean Grey realizes what she has done and flies into the sun, speaks the anti-life equation, dispelling her atoms and ceasing to exist. The Phoenix force, now left without a host, leaves the galaxy.

Darkseid still lives, but is weakened and unable to access the Source. The Flash seizes upon the opportunity to attempt to dismantle the Anti-Life engine but Darkseid fires his Omega Beams at the speedster. The Flash draws upon the speed force to outrun the beams and eventually goes back through time and becomes the lightning bolt that gave Barry Allen powers in 1956.

With nothing standing in his way, Darkseid believes he has finally won and prepares his engine to convert Earth.

Suddenly, Darkseid is impaled from behind by the Cosmic Rod, which to his ultimate surprise fatally wounds him.

The Warrior Hawkwoman stands triumphant over his dying body, having used knowledge from Sam Wilson’s letter to construct a stargate and find her father. She throws his body into the Anti-Life furnace and then sacrifices herself to reverse its effects and restore life to Earth.

Captain America and Stargirl help establish a new global democracy and rename the planet “New Genesis,” finally creating an age of peace and harmony.

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